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I am more than my circumstances.

I’ve made a resolution that I will continue to challenge myself with throughout this year and this new chapter in my life. It’s simple. One word. POSITIVE. 

The last year or 2 of my life has been extremely hectic and unhealthy— I’ve suffered with immense anxiety and depression due to certain circumstances that I’ve been apart of. But now that I have graduated from college and am learning how to turn the page of this new chapter, I refuse to live my life with a dark cloud hanging over my head any longer. POSITIVE VIBES. HAPPINESS. LOVE. 

Blocking out negativity is not enough. We have to actively seek out the positives too. I’ve wasted too much time thinking about my inadequacies and fears…to the point where I’ve continually felt stuck. I’m ready to break free. I’m ready to focus on the positives. I’m ready to accept my mistakes not only so that I forgive myself, but so that I can finally understand how to navigate my life toward what those mistakes have taught me. I’m ready to put all the pieces back together again.

Last year, I realized that my fitness journey served as a positive outlet to deal with all my problems. Taking time out of my day to go to the gym, or go on a run, or even blogging about fitness on this Tumblr blog…actually helped. It helped me to be able to see that I can do positive, important things with my life. I can work to create a better me when the me I thought I knew is no longer that same person. Change, growth, and new experiences - both good and bad - are all parts of life. But the triumph of human spirit is much more than that. And so I pledge from this day forward to not neglect this outlet. 

I am more than my circumstances. I am positive. I am ready.

2014: Let’s. Do. This.

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